International Markets

In addition to its successful domestic activities, Santa Farma also offers a basket of robust and value added products for the pharma markets around the world thanks to its three strong characteristics and features:

  • More than 75 years of experience in the sector and strong presence in the export markets:
    Founded in 1944 Santa Farma is one of the most reputable and deep rooted companies in the pharmaceutical sector. With our clear mission of searching for better solutions for human health and life quality, we constantly work to add value to people’s life in over 51 countries worldwide where we are present.
  • Strong R&D Team & Broad product range:
    With our strong R&D team, we as Santa Farma develop our own products. At the moment there are 133 forms in our product list and 71 products are in our pipeline. Our portfolio consist of products from different therapeutic areas including Cardiovascular System, Central Nervous System, Dermatology, Gastrointestinal System & Metabolism, Immune System, Muscle & Skeleton System, Respiratory System, Urogenital System, Hematology& Gynecology. For more information about our product portfolio please click: Santa Farma Product List
  • State of the Art Production Facility:
    We produce our products in our new state of the art Gebkim Plant which is accredited with EU GMP. In addition to state of the art manufacturing plant our products, we also serve as contract manufacturer for global companies for their strategical products.
    • The forms we produce:
      • Tablets (film or sugar coated tablets & uncoated tablets)
      • Effervescent tablets
      • Powder filling (bottle and sachet filling)
      • Capsule filling (capability to fill powder, pellets, tablets or a combination)
      • Semi solids (gels, ointments, creams)
      • Liquids (syrups, sprays)
    • What do we offer:
      • Distributorship
      • Contract state of the art manufacturing plant
      • Technology Transfer
      • Out-licensing
      • Co-Development / Contract Development



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